Why Isn’T Varre At The Rose Church?

If White-Faced Varre is still not in the Rose Church, you should first defeat Radahn and then speak with Enia.If this fails, you should return to the Rose Church.Even if this doesn’t fix the problem, you may try going back to the First Step site of grace and checking to see if he is perhaps still there.

If he is, you should chat to him to see if it would cause him to show up at the Rose Church.

Where can I find the Rose Church?

Liurnia of the Lakes is the location of the Rose Church in this world. Following the Liurnia marshes all the way to a big island in the southwest will lead you to this spot, which may be reached on foot or on horseback.

What is Rose Church in Elden Ring?

The remains of an old church, which were given the name Rose Church due to the fact that its walls are currently infested with crimson rot and overgrown with bloodroses. Rose Church is one of the locations available to explore in Elden Ring.

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