Why God Allow Suffering?

The straightforward response to the question, ″Why does God tolerate suffering?″ is almost impossible unless we have a clear comprehension of the foundations upon which sin and evil are founded.As soon as this is recognized, we may argue that enduring adversity, in a sense being ″polished by fire,″ enables us to mature into the persons that God designed us to be.As was said before, God let the brokenness of our world to have its natural course.

As a Means of Attaining Sanctification Through Suffering The experience of pain forces us to go deep and confront aspects of ourselves that, under different circumstances, we may choose to ignore. Then, God may use our adversity to transform us into better people: the kind of people who can love and enjoy Him for all of eternity (Romans 5:3-5; James 1:2-4).

Why does God allow people to suffer?

The quick answer is that there are certain circumstances in which we do not always know why.But we do know that God loves each individual who is suffering, and that He does have each person’s everlasting best interests in mind.This is a fact that we may take comfort in.And we know that He has a loving and merciful plan to one day replace this world of evil and suffering with a future in which justice and peace reign supreme.

Why does suffering exist in the Bible?

His hope is not that anyone will be lost, but rather that everyone will be brought back together with him (1 Peter 3:9).God is patiently waiting for those who have wandered away from Him and is persistent in his pursuit of them in the expectation that they will one day come back to Him.Because the tale has not yet come to an end, there is still suffering.God is not finished pursuing those who are His.

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Does God keep us from pain and suffering?

Even while He may not protect us from experiencing pain and suffering, He will keep us (carry us, support us, and care for us) while we are going through it.He will supply us with the solace, tranquility, patience, and strength that we require.A blessing can be found in the midst of one’s anguish and pain.It has the potential to exhaust all of our own resources and force us to seek solace in a higher power:

How should we respond to suffering?

The book of Job provides valuable instruction on the two distinct approaches to affliction that are open to everyone of us.There are two ways to respond to the pain that we are experiencing: one is to condemn God for what we are going through, and the other is to worship God regardless of what we are going through.When we think of pain, we frequently see God as being distant from us and our plight.

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