Why Did Eric Church Cancel Houston Show?

On Saturday, Eric Church postponed a show that was already sold out in Texas so that he and his family could watch the Duke against UNC game together in person.

Why did Eric Church cancel his show in San Antonio?

Eric Church, a huge supporter of North Carolina and a country music singer, has postponed a gig scheduled to take place in San Antonio on April 2 so that he and his family may attend the game between North Carolina and Duke in the Final Four. pic.twitter.com/CSeBwpd9wM

Why did Eric Church cancel his tour schedule to watch basketball?

  1. Country music superstar Eric Church is a major North Carolina Tar Heels basketball fan, and as a result, he postponed a performance so that he could watch the Final Four.
  2. Some people were dissatisfied with Church’s antics since they had anticipated that he would maintain his initial tour schedule even though the college basketball tournament was drawing to a close with his favorite team still in the competition.

Why is Chris Church canceling his concert?

  1. Due to the singer’s extreme passion for the game of basketball, he has decided to postpone an upcoming performance so that he may watch the University of North Carolina Tar Heels compete in college basketball.
  2. Church has rescheduled a performance that was originally slated to take place in Texas on Saturday, April 2 — the same day as the game — in order to ensure that he will be present to see his team compete against Duke in the Final Four.
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What happened to Tony Church?

Church decided that it would be best for him and his family to go to the Final Four rather than perform in San Antonio, where the event was set to take place on Saturday night. Since then, he has made up by providing people who had tickets with the opportunity to attend a fresh event, but this time without paying admission.

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