Who Sings Heart On Fire With Eric Church?

″Heart on Fire″ is more FM classic rock than Nashville country, and it has traces of John Mellencamp’s work from the Lonesome Jubilee era. ″Heart on Fire″ was written alone by Church. Church sings, ″I’m pouring my soul in gas and putting my heart on fire,″ while Joanna Cotten, Church’s longstanding backup vocalist, and propulsive tinkling piano lend a loose bar-band atmosphere to the song.

Is Eric Church’s new song’Heart on fire’a blast of country?

The new song by Eric Church titled ″Heart on Fire″ has been described as ″a blast of bar-band country.″ Rolling Stone. This page was retrieved on October 17, 2021. ″Eric Church is Most Added With His New Single ″Heart On Fire″,″ reads the headline. Nashville is the home of Universal Music Group.

What is the name of Eric Church’s new song?

Eric Church, a country music singer from the United States, is the artist who recorded the song ″Heart on Fire.″ As the second single to be taken from Church’s studio album Heart, it was issued for public consumption on July 12th, 2021. Church was the one who came up with the lyrics, while Jay Joyce was the one who produced the song.

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When does the “heart on fire” music video release?

A press release releasing the music video for the third track Church’s from his Heart & Soul triple album described the ″Heart On Fire″ music video as a ″rapid-fire voyage across a decade plus of successes – which has featured 11 No. 1 singles.″ On Tuesday, a glimpse at what went on behind the scenes of the making of the ″Heart On Fire″ music video will be made available (October 26).

Who sings with Eric Church in Heart on Fire video?

The new release provides a further look at the outcomes of Church’s marathon writing and recording session in the mountains of North Carolina at the beginning of the previous year.This session resulted in the production of a three-part, 24-song collection that was produced by Church’s longtime collaborator Jay Joyce and featured his touring band in addition to backing vocals by Church’s wife.

Who is the female vocalist on Heart on Fire?

On this track, Joanna Cotten can be heard providing background vocals, and Church’s touring band also contributes to the performance. The Chief was the only author of the stirring song, which is about unquenchable longing and profound regret. It may be found on the project titled ″Heart,″ which was recorded by Church when he was on vacation in his native state of North Carolina.

Who is the lady singing with Eric Church?

On the first night of the ″Gather Again Tour,″ Eric Church and Joanna Cotten gave an incredible performance of a duet they had written called ″Like Jesus Does.″ Eric Church is BACK.

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Who sings backup vocals on Heart on Fire?

It was originally written by Church, but during the recording process, he was joined by producer Jay Joyce and a complete team of composers and musicians, including his band and Joanna Cotton on backing vocals. The song is now known as ″Heart on Fire.″

Is Joanna Cotten still with Eric Church?

100 percent Cotten Joanna, who is now on tour with Eric Church, explains her love for singing in the following way: She explains, ″I have no choice but to sing for them since that is the way things are.″ ″It’s like a beast within of me that needs to come out, and it’s been like that ever since I was a tiny girl,″ she said. ″It’s like a beast inside of me that has to come out.″

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