Who Owns National Church Residences?

President and Chief Executive Officer of National Church Residences

Who is the president of national church residences Investment Corp?

Attorney and Senior Vice President of Housing Development Matthew D. Rule, who also serves as President of the National Church Residences Investment Corp. To View My Bio, Click Here > Dr. John M. Weigand is now holding the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer.

Why choose national church residences for adult day care?

The adult day care services provided by National Church Residences provide an option to placing a loved one in a nursing facility or leaving them at home alone all day.Your loved one may take advantage of the chance for socializing as well as involvement in physically and mentally stimulating activities in an atmosphere that honors their freedom when they choose to live in one of our senior living communities.

What is a national church?

A Christian church that is connected with a particular ethnic group or nation state is referred to as a ″national church.″ During the formative years of contemporary nationalism in the 19th century, the concept was prominently brought up in conversation. Around the year 1828, Samuel Taylor Coleridge stated it in a draft in which he was discussing the topic of religion and state.

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