Who Is Adam Church That Luke Combs Talks About?

In the music video for Luke Combs’ most recent hit, ″Doin’ This,″ Luke pays tribute to his longtime buddy Adam Church. Since the very beginning of his career, Church has been an important component of Combs’ success, and that is why the Grand Ole Opry member decided to pay respect to Church in the ″Doin’ This″ video. Church is featured in the video.

Who is Luke Combs’friend Adam Church from’Doin’this’?

  • Luke Combs gave his close buddy Adam Church the task of directing the music video for his song ″Doin’ This,″ but the former didn’t let the latter, a lesser-known country musician, in on the secret until the very last possible moment.
  • In an interview with Taste of Country, Church reflected on his time spent in college with Combs and discussed how his journey to country music prominence has been marked by a number of beginnings and endings.

What does Justin Church think of being featured in Luke Combs’ video?

  • Church considers it a wonderful pleasure to have been included in the video that Combs created, but he is aware that, despite the encouragement from his longtime friend, he will still need to put in a lot of effort to get back into the music industry.
  • It has been reported by Taste of Country that he has already reaped the benefits of appearing in the video.
  • Fans of Combs who were captivated by the video are flocking to see him perform now that the gigs are selling out.
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What’s the story behind Combs and church’s’Doin this’?

  • Church claims that he went to meet Combs in Tennessee about a month or two ago, and during their conversation, they discussed their professions and music, as well as the song ″Doin’ This,″ which was composed in the early stages of the epidemic.
  • He went on his way without any knowledge of what was in store for him, and it wasn’t until a week later that TA Films phoned him and asked if he could set aside some time to film some home video.

Are Luke Combs and Adam Church friends?

It was during his time in Nashville that he was able to secure his first record deal and begin his career as the multi-award winning artist he is today. During this time, he also strengthened his connection with fellow country singer Adam Church, who was also based in Nashville.

Who is Adam Church?

Since he emerged from Appalachian State University while performing music with his friend Luke Combs, who has since gone on to international acclaim, country singer Adam Church has been a presence in the Boone music scene for many years now. He has been a mainstay in the Boone music scene ever since.

Who is Luke Combs singing about in doing this?

Combs is heard in the video praising the individual by saying, ″He’s talented, he cares about other people, and he helped me when he didn’t have to.″ ″His name is Adam Church,″ the speaker said. The music video for Adam Church’s single ″Doin’ This″ includes shots of him in North Carolina, as well as with his wife, their daughter, who is two years old, and his guitar.

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Are Luke Combs and Eric Church friends?

Combs and Church are not just business partners, but they are also good friends with one another. Their connection is more than simply professional.

What happened to Adam Church?

Church injured his leg as a result of a fall that occurred one night at the Bridgestone Arena while he was attending a concert by Avenged Sevenfold. Following his rehabilitation, he went to live with his parents once again. After a year or two, he gave birth to a daughter, which forced him to make some challenging decisions. But if there is any remorse, he does a good job of hiding it.

Did Luke Combs try out for the voice?

But before he became one of the most successful people in the music industry, Combs was just another ambitious musician trying out for The Voice. He was one of a long line of aspirants who were turned away from the talent competition.

Who is Luke Combs wife?

Fans of the former Nicole Hocking asked her if she and Combs would ever have children during a question and answer session that took place in January 2021 on her Instagram account. Yes, we are hoping so! She said, ″I want a huge family.″ ″I want a big family.″

How much is Luke Combs worth 2020?

Luke Combs is an American country music singer, songwriter, and record producer who has a net worth of $5 million. He was born and raised in Georgia. Luke Combs was born in March of 1990 in the city of Asheville, which is located in the state of North Carolina.

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Did Eric Church have an addiction?

Around that time, he took the first of what would be four trips to treatment, although his recall of the events is sketchy. ″Throughout my whole life, I’ve been battling an addiction. When I was between the ages of five and six, I used to get stomachaches, and when I went to the doctor, they would give me Paregoric, which contains opium.

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