Who Are The Levites In The Church Today?

The Levites are people who belong to the tribe of Levi, which was founded by Jacob’s third son, Levi. Tradition in their families determines whether a member of the tribe will serve as a priest (Kohanim) or a Levite. In most cases, the fact that a family bears the name Levi or Levine indicates that its members are of the Levitical sect.

Levites are fully incorporated into Jewish communities in current times, although they continue to maintain their unique position.Throughout Ashkenazi Jewish communities, there are around 300,000 Levites, and within Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewish communities combined, there is a comparable number of Levites.Roughly four percent of the overall Jewish population is comprised of Levites, making up the total proportion of Levites.

What happened to the firstborns of the Levites?

The tribe of Levi was the only one that refrained from joining in when the rest of the Jewish people erected and began to worship a golden calf after receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. The privilege of being considered firstborn was taken away from the firstborn at this time and given to the Levites instead.

Where are the Levites buried?

In the Jewish cemetery located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, there is a 19th-century burial of a Levite that is adorned with this pitcher. (Photo: Dietrich Krieger). The descendants of Levi, Jacob’s son, were chosen to serve God in the Holy Temple. These people are known as the Levites.

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