Which Of The Following Leaders Used The Church To Unify German Kingdoms Under His Own Power?

Henry the Third Charlemagne and Clovis Otto I. used the influence of the Church in order to unite the German kingdoms under his direct control. Please log in to view further details.

What did Emperor Constantine the Great do to spread Christianity?

The Emperor was always dedicated to fostering the growth of religion, and he did so by constructing magnificent Christian temples to God around the empire, particularly at important cities like Nicomedia in Bithynia, Antioch on the Orontes, and Byzantium.

What did the Christian church give the various people and tribes?

A cultural center was provided to the many different peoples and tribes who lived in Western Europe by the Christian Church. Which one of the following rulers utilized the authority of the Church to unite the German kingdoms under his direct control? Which of the following best characterizes a service that monasteries and convents offered for the towns and villages they served?

Which group enjoyed a protected status during Muhammad’s early rule?

During the early years of Muhammad’s administration, Jewish people were afforded some privileges and protections. Who of the following rulers served as the leader of the Seljuks and brought together the disparate Muslim forces in Southwest Asia and North Africa? What exactly did the iconoclasts have a problem with when it came to a painting like this one?

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What happened to Greek and Roman influences on architecture and philosophy?

  1. After the collapse of the Roman and Greek empires, the Greek and Roman philosophies and architectural styles were no longer influential.
  2. B) Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, Roman cultural practices were criminalized and extinguished in the region.
  3. C) Roman architectural traditions, which borrowed from Greek and pre-Roman cultures, were retained in the region.
  4. In this way, the Romans were able to build on the foundations of those cultures.

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