When God Is Silent?

  1. When we are living in a state of denial or disobedience, for example, we are causing a temporary rupture in our connection with God, which prevents us from being in a position to hear Him.
  2. As a result, God chooses to remain silent at those times.
  3. Sometimes we are not doing something that we need to be doing, and this puts a barrier in our connection with Him.

Other times, we are doing something that we ought not to be doing.

Why does God sometimes seem silent to US?

Because of this, when we as born-again Christians experience what seems to be the silence of God, it may indicate that we have stopped listening to His voice, that we have let the worries of this world to cover our spiritual ears, or that we have disregarded His Word. These days, God does not communicate with us through miracles, fire, wind, or signs.

Is God silent in your life as you wait for answers?

Has God been silent in your life as you’ve been waiting for answers?That was the way things went for Job.He longed for a response from God.He yearned for an explanation for the agony he was experiencing.He prayed to God, asking him to clear his name.He beseeched, ″Let the Almighty respond to me,″ as he prayed ( Job 31:35 ).

God’s message was finally heard, after all of the questions and struggles, in the form of a voice coming from within a storm.

What is the Silence of God?

Phenomenologically speaking, the quiet and the absence. It’s not how it is; rather, it’s how it makes you feel. You are not alone. God is with you in this ( Psalm 23:4 ). And he is always speaking to you in the wonderful gift of his objective word, which means that you do not have to rely on the subjective impressions that your ever-changing emotions are giving you.

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Why did God remain silent when Satan approached job?

The closeness that Job and God shared was another factor that contributed to the quiet that God maintained between them.God responded to Satan’s approach by asking, ″Have you considered My Servant Job, that there is none like him on the world, a spotless and upright man, who respects God and turns away from evil?″ Satan replied, ″Yes, I have considered My Servant Job.″ (Job 1:8, ESV).God picked Job because He trusted him.

What does it mean when God goes silent?

God could be quiet, but it does not mean he is absent. According to the prophecy found in Matthew 1:23, ″the virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel,″ which translates to ″God with us.″ When you experience the stillness of God and the lack of his presence, trust that he is still there.

What should I do when God seems silent?

Bring everything that you are going through before the Lord. Communicate with him and be truthful in front of him. Have trust that he hears you, seek safety in his faithfulness, and be aware that there is a powerful God who loves you hiding behind every heavy stillness.

How do you trust God when he’s silent?

Have faith in the love of God even when he seems to be silent.

  1. Christ demonstrates his love for us by bringing glory to himself in the midst of our silence. The way we can tell that God loves us is not by the fact that he always gives us what we believe we need or by the promise that he would take away our current suffering and anguish.
  2. Christ Shows His Love for Us by Laboring for Us Behind the Scenes
  3. Through the Stillness, Christ Shows His Love for Us

Who experienced God through a quiet silence?

But God spoke. It was written down in the scroll of Malachi, and after that he remained silent for a total of 400 years. If you look at the last words of Malachi and the rest of the Old Testament, you will see that they say, ″Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awful day of the LORD comes.″

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When God is quiet he is working?

When it seems like God is not doing anything, you can be sure that He is. When it seems like God is not doing anything, you can be sure that He is. Because God was aware of the desperate need for a savior in the world, He chose to redeem humanity by sacrificing His son, Jesus, on a day that was both terrible and gloomy.

What are signs that God is talking to you?

  1. 9 Indices that God Is Speaking to You God communicates with people via the Bible.
  2. You find yourself thinking about a certain passage from the Bible over and over again
  3. You have the impression that a certain passage of scripture or lecture was designed specifically for you
  4. You have an uncomfortable feeling about something, and this leads you to pray
  5. He communicates with the world through the church.
  6. There is a conviction regarding something that cannot be explained

Why does God allow difficult times?

Having trust in God can help you find calm even in the midst of life’s most trying circumstances. If you are unfaithful to God, it has the potential to fill your heart with pride and cause you to drift farther and more off from Him in your relationship. If you can learn to leave all of your difficulties and worries to God, you will be able to free yourself from a significant load.

What do you do when God doesn’t answer your prayers?

Here are three straightforward methods:

  1. Evaluate your desires. Why don’t we feel like God is answering?
  2. Always remind yourself of the truth. We are able to keep our eyes fixed on the route that God has for us and keep our heads facing forward when we recall the promises that God has given to us in His Word.
  3. Rest in Him

Why prayers are not answered?

Your prayers will go unanswered as long as they are offered for self-serving reasons and are motivated by the pride that lies dormant inside your heart. – This line begins in some translations with ″don’t be concerned,″ while others begin it with ″Be careful.″ – After you have established that God has granted your request, you may be assured that it will be fulfilled.

What does the Bible say about silence?

According to the Bible, remaining silent may be an effective means of avoiding sin (Proverbs 10:19), earning respect (Proverbs 11:12), and demonstrating one’s wisdom and intelligence (Proverbs 17:28).In other words, you could be doing yourself a favor by keeping your mouth shut.When it comes down to it, exercising self-control requires that we go through certain scenarios without uttering a single word.

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Why is God asking us to wait?

We are to push into God’s presence and wait patiently before his throne.This is what God desires.Even if we have not yet received the promise that we have been waiting for, he is inviting us to come before him with gratitude.There are a great number of things that the world is eager to present to us in an immediate silver platter.However, wonderful benefits provided from God take time to manifest.

What does it mean when God shows you Shows Off?

When GOD APPEARS, He brings with Him His Omnipotence, Sovereignty, and Benevolence in order to deal in a decisive and merciless manner with the anguish of the afflicted, the poverty of the poor, and the disease of the sick. He does this so that He might heal them all.

How can I connect with God in silence?

  1. Start small. Beginning with periods of quiet consisting of as little as five minutes at a time is sufficient
  2. Have a concrete technique of signaling to oneself that it is now OK to be quiet
  3. Pay attention to the sensations in your body, such as your breathing, your heartbeat, or the contact of your hands with the chair.
  4. Give yourself grace and keep going

Why is silence important in our spiritual life?

The advantages: Silence affords us the chance to pay attention to our own lives.It is similar to bird watching, in which you do not actively seek out the birds but rather sit in one place and wait for them to emerge.The soul is most nourished when it is allowed to rest in stillness and anticipation.The purpose of the spiritual journey is to get us to the point where we are paying attention to our own lives.

What is silent period in the Bible?

It spans the age of Hellenistic Judaism and nearly overlaps with the period of the Second Temple (516 BC-70 AD). Some members of the Protestant community refer to this time period as the ″400 Silent Years″ due to the fact that it was a period in which no new prophets were born and God did not reveal anything new to the Jewish people during this time.

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