What Is The Mission Of The Catholic Church?

Psalm 122:2 describes the Catholic Church as being ″constructed like a city that is at oneness with itself″ (KJV) because the purpose of the Church is to exalt the Holy Trinity to its highest possible level.The goal of this endeavor is salvation, not because of who we are or how important we are, but because of who God is and how important He is.We are putting the final touches on the mission as Catholics.

The fundamental objective of the Catholic Church is to advance God’s kingdom throughout the world. When used in a more general meaning, the phrase ″kingdom of God″ refers to the reign of just justice and peaceful coexistence. In spite of this, extensive social, political, and economic inequality violates the rights of those who are less powerful.

What is a church’s mission?

If the term ″mission″ refers to the fact that the church was commissioned by God to carry out a particular assignment, then the first question that has to be asked is, ″What did God commission us to do?″ The major location where we see God sending his church is in the document known as the ″Great Commission.″

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