What Is A Tabernacle In The Catholic Church?

A tabernacle is a sacred and safe location that is used to hold the Blessed Sacrament. Its purpose is to transport the Sacrament to those who are unable to attend Mass and to serve as a focal point for the prayers of those who are in attendance in the church.

What is the purpose of a tabernacle?

What exactly is the tabernacle? The golden chest in a Catholic church is considered holy and has been put aside for a very specific reason. A box or cabinet, often made of gold and located in the front and center of a church, is one of the most important and distinguishing features of any Catholic church. It is also one of the most common.

What is the Tabernacle in the Eucharist?

As Catholics, we refer to the container as a tabernacle, and inside it is the ″holy of holies,″ which is the Eucharist, which makes Jesus present. The word ″tabernacle″ literally translates to ″dwelling place,″ and it alludes to the ″tent of assembly″ that the Israelites constructed in order to assist their worship of God while they were wandering in the desert (Exodus 26).

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