What Are Church Elders?

  • Elders in today’s churches serve in the role of spiritual leaders or shepherds of the congregation.
  • The phrase can have a variety of meanings dependent not just on the denomination but also on the congregation itself.
  • Although it is usually a title of honor and responsibility, it may indicate someone who serves a large area or someone with particular tasks in one congregation.
  • Either way, it always refers to a person who is serving in a leadership role.

What does it mean to be an elder in the church?

Elders are the designated leaders of the church, and God gives them the responsibility of shepherding the sheep. They are to lead the flock not because they want the salary or the reward, but because they want to serve as shepherds and look after the sheep. 4) They are responsible for ensuring the spiritual well-being of the flock as a whole.

What is the mission of the elders?

It is the responsibility of the elders to guide, instruct, guard, and love the members of their congregation in the same manner that shepherds care for the sheep in their flock. This is done in the hope that the congregation’s members will develop into spiritually mature adults (Ephesians 4:11-13).

Are elders shepherds of the church?

Shepherds are elderly people. The spiritual leadership of God’s people is often analogized to ″shepherding″ in both the Old and New Testaments. This imagery may be found across both testaments. It should come as no surprise that the New Testament also places elders in the role of shepherds (e.g. Acts 20:28; 1 Peter 5:1-4 ).

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Are pastors and elders the same thing?

This divide has the potential to gradually mold our thinking in such a way that we perceive pastors as the professional ministers of the church and elders as the board of directors of the church who assist the ministers. However, an elder is also a pastor, and a pastor is also an elder.

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