The Church Abortion What Behind It?

The Catholic church has consistently taught that having an abortion is a sin, despite the fact that the rationale supporting this teaching has changed over the course of its history. The erroneous belief that the only people who would go through with an abortion were those who participated in criminal sexual behavior served as the foundation for the early attempts to prohibit abortion.

What is the church’s position on abortion?

It is not a sign of a lack of sympathy on the part of the Church to be so direct on this matter; rather, she is trying to draw attention to the irreparable damage that is done not only to the child who is murdered in an abortion but also to her parents and to society as a whole. One of the highest and most important responsibilities of the state is to save innocent human life.

Is the church “tolerant” on abortion?

From the period of the early church until the late 19th century, the Catholic Church maintained a position of ″tolerance″ towards abortions performed before to the third trimester.St.Augustine is widely recognized as an important figure in the development of Christian dogma, having contributed to the formation of the Christian religion as well as its more nuanced aspects of theory and practices.

Is there a religious consensus on abortion?

The Episcopal Church has seen a decrease in membership of 44%, the United Church of Christ has seen a decrease in membership of 50%, the United Methodist Church has seen a decrease in membership of 30%, and the Presbyterian Church USA has seen a decrease in membership of 11%.8 organizations that support abortion persistently argue that there is no religious agreement on the subject of abortion.

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