How To Grow Closer To God?

5 Approaches That Will Help You Get Closer to God in the New Year

  1. Have a conversation with God before you talk to anybody else, and make Him your first priority. Do you have a strategy for spending time with God first thing in the morning, before you talk to anybody else?
  2. Read the Bible every day if you want to grow in your relationship with God
  3. Take part in a Bible study conducted in a weekly, small group setting.
  4. Make a list of your blessings and prayers that were answered so that you might feel His presence more
  5. Choose a ″theme verse″ to represent the year.


  1. Get quiet.
  2. Bible study is recommended.
  3. Your prayers, whether they be for yourself or for others, should be written down and kept in a special notebook.
  4. Take a stroll and have a conversation with God
  5. Meditate on Scripture.
  6. Put on some music that you consider to be worship, and let both the tune and the words wash over you.
  7. Be amazed at the wonderful creation that God has made

How can I grow closer to God by reading the Bible?

If we want to become closer to God, spending some quiet time each day reading from the Bible is a terrific approach to learn how to do so, provided that we learn how to read the Scriptures in a spiritual sense. The LORD has said these words: ″Do not let the wise boast in their wisdom; do not let the mighty brag in their strength; and do not let the affluent boast in their riches.″

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How can I grow in my relationship with God?

  • Be sure that your devotion to Jesus Christ is unwavering.
  • Then you should make the spiritual ″meal″ that God provides a daily part of your life.
  • Make sure you give yourself enough time to study the Bible and pray each day.
  • In addition, look for opportunities to serve Christ and spread His love to others, possibly via the medium of your local church.
  • The Bible instructs people to ″Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ″ (John xiv:10) (2 Peter 3:18).

How can I get closer to the Lord?

  • The Lord can be approached more intimately via the practice of prayer.
  • It can’t be denied under any circumstances.
  • It is necessary for every Christian to make this a daily practice in their life.
  • The more time you spend communicating with God via prayer, the stronger your personal connection will become with Him.
  • To begin started, choose a daily prayer time and commit to making that time the most meaningful of the day.

How can we be more like Christ?

  • By cultivating characteristics such as righteousness and humility, as well as obeying the commands of God as they are presented in the Bible, we will become more like Christ, which in turn will bring us into a more intimate communion with the Father.
  • Jesus states in Luke 11:9-10… ″And I tell you, if you ask for something, you will receive it; if you seek something, you will find it; and if you knock on the door of the house of the Lord, it will be opened to you.

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