How Long Is God Of War Ps4?

The duration of time spent on the major storyline and objectives in God of War is around 21.5 hours. If you are the type of gamer that is interested in experiencing all that the game has to offer, it is estimated that you will need around 51 hours to finish the game with a perfect score.

How long does it take to beat God of war PS4?

This version was retrieved from the archive on April 13, 2018. Retrieved December 22, 2016. ^ Alexander Newhouse (December 8, 2017). It is estimated that playing through God of War on PS4 will take between 25 and 35 hours. GameSpot. The CBS Interactive website.

How long is God of War 3 on console?

In addition, the tale did not quite live up to the standards set by its direct predecessor, God of War III, which was played on home consoles. Despite this, the gameplay remained satisfying, and the fact that the game lasted for 8 and a half hours was neither too short nor too long; it didn’t wear out its welcome.

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When did God of war come out on PS4?

Sony Classical Records presented the world premiere of the God of War (PlayStation Soundtrack) album on April 20, 2018. Bear McCreary, who is most renowned for his work on television programs such as Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead, is the one who provided the music for this piece.

How many hours is God of War 2018?

1 God of War (2018) – Twenty One And A Half Hours The next installment of the God of War series was made available in 2018 exclusive for the PlayStation 4. The game was a continuation of Kratos’ saga as well as a reboot, as it was now set in Norse Mythology, but it also served as a reboot in its own right.

How long does it take to 100% God of War PS4?

If you are the type of player who enjoys doing tasks in their entirety, it will take you between fifty and eighty hours to finish God of War. To name just a few of the necessary goals, this is assuming that all of the artifacts have been gathered, all of the dig sites have been discovered, all of the dragons have been set free, and all of Odin’s Ravens have been killed.

How many hours does it take to complete God of War?

The primary storyline of God of War can be completed in around 21 hours of playing time, so keep that in mind if that’s all you’re interested in. That is assuming you pursue the plot at a speed that seems comfortable to you and maybe finish a few side objectives as you go along.

How long is God of War 4 storyline?

Late in the month of December 2016, Barlog announced that the entire game could be played, and he subsequently stated that the game’s narrative would take between 25 and 35 hours to finish. This is an enormous increase in comparison to the previous four main episodes, which each took an average of ten hours to finish.

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Is God of War a short game?

1 God of War (2018) – Twenty One And A Half Hours The game was a continuation of Kratos’ saga as well as a reboot, as it was now set in Norse Mythology, but it also served as a reboot in its own right.

Is God of War hard?

  • God of War – Make the God of War Difficulty Harder for Me!
  • This pretty much sums up the game’s extremely challenging nature.
  • Give Me a Challenge pales in comparison to the difficulty of this activity.
  • Even relatively simple opponent kinds that presented you with few challenges in the past have become a nightmare, and you need to pay much closer attention to how your resources are being used.

Is God of War open world?

The video game God of War does not have an open universe. On the other hand, each realm is broken up into big non-linear areas that may be explored outside of the main quest.

Should I play all the God of War games?

As was previously stated, players of prior God of War games are not need to have played those games in order to understand the tale aspects of the latest installment. Anyone who isn’t a fan of games that have a fixed camera and are played from the third-person perspective in action-adventure genres should steer clear of playing any of the early God of War entries in the franchise.

How many hours is God of War 2?

According on the Ratings of 1,100 Users

Platform Polled Main
PlayStation 2 388 11h 58m
PlayStation 3 479 11h 39m
PlayStation Now 25 11h 57m
PlayStation Vita 38 12h 53m
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Is God of War 4 Kratos the same?

Both share the same name, which can be interpreted as either ″strong″ or ″power.″ As is common in mythology, Kratos had two different beginnings to his story. Because of one of these, he is said to be Pallas the Titan’s son. In the other version, he is a mortal man’s son who was conceived by Zeus and a lady who must remain nameless.

How long will a PS4 last?

Since the launch of the very first PlayStation 4, about 8 years have passed. A PlayStation 4 has a lifespan of at least 5 years on average. However, things could turn out differently in a few specific instances. You have to treat your PlayStation 4 with the respect it deserves if you want it to live as long as possible.

Is God of War Best game ever?

Gaming bible This week, IGN asked its readers to vote for the video game they consider to be the best of all time. After tallying up the 26,604,825 votes received, the website announced that the epic PS4 game God of War from 2018 has been declared the winner of the title of best video game of all time.

Why God of War is a masterpiece?

  • You are already aware that God of War is regarded as a masterpiece because of its excellent acting and narrative, next-level art direction, a variety of engaging fight sequences, and gratifying overall gameplay.
  • Whenever a console game is ported to a personal computer, the debate arises as to whether or not it stays true to the original platform.
  • That question has an emphatic affirmative response.

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