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Marriage at OLV


Celebrating your Marriage at Our Lady of Victory Church

Congratulations on your forthcoming Marriage!

Your decision to enter into the relationship of married life is a sign of love, hope and strength for the entire parish community. Remember, it is the love shared between the bridal couple that calls down God's presence in the Sacrament of Matrimony. You are the ministers of this beautiful sacrament. The parish and staff of Our Lady of Victory Church joyfully welcome you as you prepare for your marriage. We join in the support of your family and friends as you undertake a new way of life.

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with insights and information which will help to make your wedding day a happy and holy event. As you schedule and work on all the details, try to relax. The ceremony will be beautiful because the people in attendance are choosing to be there, drawn to the church by your love for each other. We at our Lady of Victory Church will do everything on our part to make your wedding a fitting, prayerful and happy beginning to your Christian Marriage.

One of the parish priests or a deacon will assist you in the preparatory steps which will lead to your wedding day. An integral part of your wedding liturgy is the music. You will also meet with Our Lady of Victory's Director of Music to plan all of the music for your wedding. Our Music Director is looking forward to helping you through this important aspect of the planning.

Getting Started:

The first thing you need to do before planning your ceremony is to schedule the date and time of your wedding with a member of the parish staff. We suggest that you schedule your wedding at least six (6) months in advance. The date will then be finalized after a member of the priest staff has met with the engaged couple, taking care of necessary paper work, and arranging for their participation in a marriage preparation program. Please make certain to secure the date of your wedding with the church before making commitments with caterers, reception halls, florists, etc.

A non-refundable deposit of $250 will be required to "hold" a date for a wedding.

Scheduling the Time:

Weddings are scheduled with respect to the couple's wishes and availability of the church building and parish ministers. Weddings are usually scheduled on Saturday afternoons. For exceptional reasons, a wedding may be scheduled on Friday afternoon or evening, or on Sunday afternoon. In the case of Sunday weddings, because of the schedule of Sunday masses ending at 12:00 p.m., wedding masses will need to be scheduled no earlier than 1:00 p.m.

Documents You Will Need To Obtain:

A statement of intention by both the bride and groom, called a pre-nuptial questionnaire, is required.

A Baptism certificate dated within six months of the wedding is to be submitted by each Catholic person. In the marriage of a Catholic and a non-Catholic Christian, the non-Catholic is also asked to present a record of Baptism, if that is possible. Copies of original certificates are unacceptable.

A Confirmation Certificate is also required for all Catholics. Both certificates will remain on file at Our Lady of Victory Church.

A marriage license from Cook County, Illinois, is required and is to be presented to an  "Our Lady of Victory Church" priest or deacon at the time of rehearsal. Currently a Cook County license is valid for sixty days from the date of issue, and must be obtained at least one day prior to the wedding rehearsal.  For information on obtaining a marriage license, including locations and hours, please go to the Cook County web site, check out the information under Marriage, or phone 312-603-5664.

Planning the Liturgy:

One of the first things to consider is whether you will have a full Mass (with Communion) or a Liturgy of the Word (without Communion). Your priest will help you to determine which option is best for your circumstance, and he will also assist you in planning many of the other details for your ceremony.

Wedding Music:

An integral and one of the most important parts of your wedding liturgy is the Music. The Music Director of Our Lady of Victory, Dr. Robert deChristopher, is looking forward to helping you through this important aspect of the planning. Please contact him at your earliest convenience to set up an appointment.  The Church office is 773-286-2950, ext. 28, or you may call his cell phone - 312-505-9970. At the time of your meeting with Dr. deChristopher, he will outline the Order of Service of the Wedding, showing you the many places where music would be appropriate.

In following the liturgical guidelines of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Our Lady of Victory Church does have some restrictions as to what you may choose to have played during the church service. All music is planned in consultation with the parish Music Director, who will always be the organist present and playing the music for your Wedding Service. If the Wedding Couple requests permission to have a visiting Organist to play the Service, and this request is granted: The Music Director's fees are still to be paid.

The Department of Music at Our Lady of Victory Church is an excellent resource for soloists (male or female) and instrumentalists.

Wedding Music continued:

Soloists offered by the Music Department are young professionals that regularly do solo work in the Chicago area as well as singing in professional ensembles. All instrumentalists are available through the Music Department, as well, and come highly recommended.  Options include: Trumpet, flute, oboe, strings, solo violin, cello, French horn, and harp, as well as a combination in trios and quartets. The Music Director will be happy to engage additional musicians at your request, and the cost of these musicians and/or soloists will be discussed at your music planning meeting.  Please note that the Music Director / Organist fee is not included in the Parish fee.

Stipends for Our Lady of Victory:

In order to cover the building and staff cost, we suggest a donation for the Wedding Service made payable to Our Lady of Victory Church in the amount of $750. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to reserve a wedding date on the Church calendar. This deposit should be given at the time the date is decided upon. This donation does not include music fees.

Other Concerns:      The Church address for the printing of invitations is:

Our Lady of Victory Church

5212 West Agatite Avenue

Chicago, IL 60630

Flowers and Decorations:

We will allow you to make your wedding as beautiful as you want it to be with flowers, decorations and runners.  However, please note that whatever is brought into the church for your wedding will need to be removed directly after the service and/or after your photography session following the Wedding Service. Please note that the throwing of rice, confetti, etc., is prohibited on the church property, and also that balloons cannot be used inside or outside the church.

Photography and Videography:

Photography and Video equipment are allowed.  However, all equipment and camera operators are not allowed in the Sanctuary and they must never interfere with the Wedding Service. No stationary lights are permitted during Service, and photographers should use the available light of the church as much as possible. Videographers may not roam during the Wedding Service.

Private Wedding Consultant:

If a private wedding consultant is employed, please communicate all of the above information to your consultant. It is good to keep in mind that the priest or deacon will be conducting the rehearsal and officiating the ceremony with the advice of the bride and groom only. Again, we urge couples to keep plans for the wedding simple so that the impact of the Sacrament can be experienced by all.




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